Which Vacuum Sealer is  Best Between External Suction and Chamber?

Which Machine is Right for You?

If you are in the market for a new vacuum sealer, you have different options. Until recently, the only economical choice a home vacuum sealer really had was a clamp-style, external suction machine, the most commonly used brands being FoodSaver and Seal a Meal.

Until just recently, this chamber vacuum technology was relatively expensive and therefore only available to the very high volume, commercial user. Now, especially with the availability of value priced chamber sealers there are reasonable choices for the home user. So, what is the difference between the two types of vacuum sealing machines?

External Vacuum Sealers

These countertop vacuum sealing machines are inexpensive and compact and are the most common type of vacuum sealer used by home users. There are many manufacturers who make this type of vacuum sealer, with FoodSaver being the most recognizable brand. With a clamp-style external vacuum sealing machine, you place the open end of your vacuum sealing bag inside a tray in the machine and shut the lid. The machine draws the air directly out of the bag through the open end. Because of this, you cannot vacuum seal liquids. Also, you must use special bags that have texture in them to draw the vacuum.

If you are interested in home-use vacuum sealing equipment, we proudly feature the VacMaster brand of home vacuum sealers. VacMaster has been a recognized leader in the vacuum sealing industry for more than 30 years.

Chamber Vacuum Sealers

With a chamber vacuum sealing machine, the entire bag that is placed inside the vacuum sealing machine and a lid is brought down over it. The chamber sealing machine removes all of the air from within the chamber, and when the vacuum cycle is finished the heat bar rises and applies the seal to the bag. Because the machine is never sucking on the open end of the bag, you can seal soups, stews, and virtually any liquid in the bag. Additionally, you can use a wide variety of flat chamber vacuum bags with this type of vacuum technology, which cost up to 80% less than the textured bags that have to be used with the clamp-style, external vacuum machine. If you seal frequently, the savings on the bags can quickly pay for the difference in the cost of a chamber machine versus a suction machine.

We proudly carry the complete line of VacMaster chamber sealing equipment. We also are proud to feature UltraVac chamber vacuum sealers. UltraVac sealers are manufactured in the United States and have extra-long warranty periods.

We have machines that will fit the needs of the heavy home user all the way up to a busy meat processing facility.

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