A vacuum sealer is already an amazing tool to have in your kitchen. However, things can get even better if you have the right accessories. These additional products will make it even easier for you to use your vacuum sealer. 

Bag Stand 

A bag stand is a great product to have if you vacuum seal a lot of liquids or other foods that aren’t completely solid such as mashed potatoes. Bag stands have several rings of different sizes. You take the bag you’re using, slip it over the ring and the ring will hold the bag upright while you fill it. This prevents you from spilling and it helps you to cleanly fill the bag before you vacuum seal it. You could even fill multiple bags at once. 

Prep Plate 

Much like a bag stand, a prep plate is intended to help with the process of filling your bags. The prep plate has adjustable “fingers” that sit a couple of inches off the counter. You can adjust these fingers to fit the amount of food you’re working with. All you need to do is prepare your food on the prep plate and you can even arrange it in a specific way or garnish it if you intend to present it. Then you simply slip your vacuum sealing bag over the elevated prep plate and you can easily slide the food into the bag. This device makes it easier to fill the bags without any spills and without losing any of your food along the way.

Bone Guard 

Many people use vacuum sealing to store meat or fish that they’ve hunted or caught themselves. While vacuum sealing is a great storage method, it does come with its challenges. The bones in meat and fish can be quite sharp and may even puncture the bag while being sealed. Fortunately, this can be avoided with a bone guard. Bone guards are thicker pieces of plastic that you can apply to your vacuum-sealing bags right over the sharp bones. These guards are much stronger than the regular plastic of the bag and they will keep it from tearing. 

Adding these accessories to your kitchen can make it much easier for you to vacuum seal. You can do it quickly and with less of a mess. If you want to vacuum seal properly, then you need the very best tools. 

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