One of the main draws of vacuum sealing is the fact that it preserves your food longer than traditional storage. However, you may be wondering just how long vacuum sealing truly preserves your food. The amount of time your food lasts will depend on the type of food and the location it’s stored, but you can generally depend on a much longer shelf life. 


Vacuum-sealed food will last much longer in the fridge than it normally would. With regular storage, your food is exposed to oxygen and bacteria which cause it to spoil. Vacuum sealing prevents this, so your food lasts longer. For example, cheese will typically only last 1-2 weeks in the fridge. If it’s vacuum sealed, it can stay fresh for several months. Even with fresh fruits and vegetables, you can expect things to last longer. Many fresh foods only last a week, but you can double that time if you vacuum seal them. When your food lasts longer in the fridge, you can have more access to fresh ingredients without wasting food. 


When you store anything in the freezer, it tends to last much longer than when stored in the fridge. For items such as fish or meat, you can typically keep things frozen for several months. In fact, you can even keep some meat for up to six months. This is already a significant amount of time, but vacuum sealing greatly increases that time. Vacuum-sealed meats or fish can last years. They’re protected from freezer burn and still taste fresh for up to three years. For fruits and vegetables, you can also expect a longer shelf life. Most fruits and vegetables won’t last years, but they can stay fresh for several months beyond conventional storage. 


For dry food that is stored in the pantry, your main opponent is oxygen. As dry foods are oxygenated, they become stale and lose their fresh taste. Vacuum sealing locks out the air so food stays fresh longer. Items such as flour, rice, and sugar can last in the pantry for six months with regular packaging. If you vacuum seal them, they can last for up to two years. Vacuum sealing other dry goods, such as snacks, can also increase shelf life. 

A lot of food goes to waste simply because it spoils before you get a chance to use it. If you find a way to make your food last longer, then you aren’t wasting money on ingredients that never get used. Vacuum sealing your food makes it last much longer. 

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