Buying fresh produce is one of the best ways to ensure you are getting all the nutrition you need in each meal. However, fresh produce doesn’t always last as long as you need it and it will often go bad before you get around to eating it. Now is the time to find solutions to store your fresh produce. 

Use a Different Container 

One effective way to keep your produce fresh is to use a different container than what it comes in. This is most true of produce, like potatoes or bananas, that are kept at room temperature. These foods need proper airflow and should be removed from their original packaging to allow this. For produce kept in the fridge, it can also be a good idea to use a different container. You can transfer your produce to containers that are airtight or allow for more airflow, depending on the type of food, and these containers can even help to keep your fridge more organized. When storing food in different containers, make sure you are aware of what foods should not be stored together. Some produce release natural gases that hasten the ripening process and you want to keep these foods on their own. 

Vacuum Seal It

A great option for keeping your food fresh for a long time is to vacuum seal it. When you vacuum seal your food, you basically are preserving the conditions your food is in. Vacuum sealing prevents your produce from being exposed to excess moisture and air, so it can be kept for longer. If you choose to vacuum seal, you need to take some time to prepare certain vegetables. It can be helpful if you chop your vegetables into more manageable pieces before sealing. Some vegetables, like cruciferous vegetables, need to be blanched before sealing. If you are vacuum sealing herbs, lettuce, or other soft types of produce, you need to make sure they aren’t wet or else they will become soggy. 

Freeze It

Much like vacuum sealing, freezing produce prevents it from going bad and preserves it for a longer period than if it were just left in the fridge. When you freeze your produce, make sure it is in an airtight container that will keep moisture in and air out. Without these conditions, your food may spoil or the taste may be affected. 


Your fresh produce doesn’t need to go to waste. If you aren’t able to use it all before it’s gone bad, then it’s time to find some techniques to preserve your food. 


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