There’s nothing quite like coffee made from fresh coffee beans. However, that amazing taste doesn’t last forever if you don’t properly store your coffee beans. Learning how to store your coffee beans can help you enjoy quality coffee every time you make a cup. 

Keep Them Away from Heat and Light 

One of the most important things to remember is to keep your coffee beans away from heat and light. Both of these elements can quickly deteriorate the flavor of your beans. You want to keep your beans stored at room temperature. Keeping them on the counter next to the stove is not ideal since the temperature will regularly fluctuate. Additionally, you shouldn’t leave your containers sitting in direct sunlight either. Your coffee beans should be stored in an area that has a constant temperature. Lastly, whatever container you choose should be opaque to avoid letting in any kind of light. 

Store Them in Airtight Containers 

Keeping your coffee beans in airtight containers is important for several reasons. Obviously, an airtight container will prevent the air from causing your beans to go stale. However, airtight containers can also keep out any kind of moisture. If your beans are exposed to moisture, this can also ruin the flavor. 

There is some debate about whether or not you should store your coffee beans in the fridge or freezer. One of the main reasons people are against this is because of the potential moisture your beans can be exposed to. An airtight container can allow you to safely store your beans in the fridge or the freezer because it blocks out the moisture. However, you shouldn’t store them there for too long. 

Limit the Amount You Store 

The thing about coffee beans is they simply don’t last forever. Once you open up new coffee beans, you want to consume them as quickly as possible. When storing your beans, you want to limit the amount of beans you are actually storing. If you store large quantities, it takes longer for you to go through them and this just gives them more time to lose their flavor and go stale. Try to store smaller amounts at a time so they will retain their fresh flavor. 

When you store your coffee beans, it’s all about finding the right container. What you store your beans in will make a major difference in how well the flavor is maintained over time. 

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