There are plenty of ways you can innovate in the kitchen. One method that’s growing in popularity is vacuum sealing. When you vacuum seal, you place food in airtight bags and then vacuum out all the air. This method can be used in multiple ways, and it can make preparing and storing food much easier. 

Preserve Your Food

The primary reason to vacuum seal is to save your food, so you can keep it longer. When vacuum sealing, you remove all the air from the package. This means the food won’t oxidize. You also keep it from spoiling due to bacteria. When your food is vacuum sealed, you can keep it for longer so that you have more time to use it before it goes bad. 

For example, it’s very popular to vacuum seal meat. You can then store it in the fridge or freezer for as long as you need. Vacuum sealing is also useful for fruits, vegetables, snacks–and nearly any other food. Additionally, you can use vacuum sealing tools to reseal packages, such as bags of chips, so you can keep them fresh. 


Meal prepping is also made easier through vacuum sealing. You can vacuum seal entire meals–or meal components–so they can be ready to be used later. This can be done a week in advance, or you could even prepare your meals for the entire week. When it’s time for your meals, you simply pull out the vacuum-sealed packages and heat or cook your food. This type of meal prep is also helpful if you choose to do sous vide cooking. With sous vide, you simply submerse a package of food in water and this evenly cooks the food. If your packages are already sealed, you can easily pull one out of the fridge and get cooking. 

Save Time and Money 

When you buy food, there’s also quite a bit that gets wasted. Some foods spoils before you can use them, so you end up throwing them out. If you vacuum seal your food, you can save a lot of money because your food won’t go to waste. You can use all the food that you buy which is both cost-effective and beneficial for the environment. Additionally, vacuum sealing can save you a lot of time. Food prep can be done early in the week and then, throughout the week, you can quickly grab meals and snacks whenever you need them.

Vacuum sealing is an easy way to save time, money, and your food. With the right equipment, you can vacuum seal a variety of foods–and you can even extend vacuum sealing to other things in your home. The options are endless!

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