Whether you’re a professional chef or cooking at home, everyone needs the right tools. When it comes to knives, there are a couple that are deemed essential. Having these knives in your kitchen will allow you to do all the most important tasks.

Chef’s Knife 

The first knife you will need is a chef’s knife. This knife is multipurpose and will allow you to take care of most of your needs. It is a strong knife with a long blade that can be used to chop, slice, carve, julienne, and more. Since this knife is so essential, it’s worth it to get a high quality one. You want to find a chef’s knife that is lightweight and has a handle that fits comfortably in your hand. The comfort of the knife is important because you will be using it a lot. The comfort level also extends to the length of the blade. Most chef’s knives are between 8 and 10 inches, but you should purchase whatever you are most comfortable with.

Serrated Knife 

This knife has a blade lined with grooves or teeth. These teeth make it ideal for slicing. Serrated knives can be used on both soft and hard foods and they make it easier to cut through things without squishing it. For example, a serrated knife allows you to slice through the skin of a tomato without smashing the entire tomato. Serrated knives are also often called bread knives because they make it easy to slice through bread. When purchasing a serrated knife, you have a variety of sizes to choose from that allow you to cut large or small foods. In fact, you may consider purchasing several sizes to suit all your needs. 

Paring Knife 

The final knife every kitchen needs is a paring knife. This knife is very small and is great for precise work like peeling, trimming, or dicing. You want to look for a knife that is around 3 inches long. It’s a great knife for smaller jobs that you can’t do with your larger knives. It’s a great supplement to the chef’s knife because it can do many of the same jobs on a much smaller scale. 

Having the right knives in your kitchen makes a difference. When you purchase knives, make sure you have a variety of options, including sizes. Finding quality knives will give you a much better experience. 

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