If you’re like most people, the only time you really think twice about which ground meat you’re buying is to make sure that it’s the right amount of the right type of meat, and at the cheapest price. Have you ever thought about grinding your own meat before? As it turns out, there are some pretty decent reasons why it might be a good idea.


Given the price of some of the cuts of meat out there, you might be a little skeptical about the price of grinding your own meat being less than that of just regular ground meat. The comparative price will depend on a few different factors, such as the type of meat, the fat content of the pre-ground meat, frozen vs fresh, and the cut of the non-ground meat. It is possible to find cuts of beef out there that are cheaper than selections of ground meat or meat patties though, which means you have a chance to save some cash.


While the benefits of pricing may change depending on a few different factors, one thing that remains consistent regardless is that you have complete control over the quality of the final product when you grind your own meat. You know exactly which cuts are going into it, what is or isn’t being added in, and what condition the meat is in prior to grinding. This means you’ll end up with safer, higher-quality ground meat.


Arguably the best part of grinding your own meat, aside from quality assurance, is the ability to customize it to your liking. You can pick your own fat ratios, the cuts you want to include, and even the seasonings. If you choose to season your meat prior to cooking it, just be careful about adding salt. Salt tends to draw moisture out of meat, which can leave you with a dry finished product if it’s left to sit for too long.

Grinding your own meat means taking some extra time to prepare your food, which can be a real challenge for some. That said, the payoffs in terms of price, quality, and the ability to customize your meat to your liking can easily make it worth the extra time and effort necessary. You may like it so much that you’ll never want to go back to purchasing store-ground meat.

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