Having the right tools is an important step when it comes to cooking. However, you also want to make sure your tools are of the best quality. Taking care of your kitchen knives can allow them to last longer and be more useful to you in the kitchen. 

Sharpen Them Regularly 

A knife is hardly useful if it isn’t sharp. When your knives become dull, they won’t cut as well and this can actually increase your risk of injury. Dull knives can slip more easily and you might accidentally cut yourself. Additionally, your knives can become damaged if you continue using them while they’re dull. You should be sharpening your knives regularly. To sharpen your knives, you can use a whetstone, a knife sharpener, or a honing steel.

Hand Wash Them 

When you’re done using your knives, you need to make sure to wash them well. The best way to do this is to always handwash your knives. In the dishwasher, they could become damaged or warped and this can lead to them being less useful. Hand washing allows you to properly clean each knife. You can be more thorough and gentle enough to avoid scratching your knives in any way. After they are cleaned, you should immediately dry them with a soft cloth and then properly store them. 

Never Leave Them Out 

Your knives should have a specific place in the kitchen and they should be returned to it anytime they are not in use. Leaving your knives out exposes them to potential damage. They can become dull, scratched, bent, and more. You should never leave your knives in the sink, out on the counter, or anywhere else in your kitchen. Once you’re done using them, you should immediately wash them, dry them, and put them away. When storing your knives, make sure they have a designated space. Don’t just throw them in a drawer. Keep your knives in a knife block or on a magnetic strip so they don’t become damaged. 

Your knives deserve to be well cared for. The more you take care of your knives, the better condition they will be in and the longer you’ll be able to use them. If you aren’t already caring for your knives, now is the time to up your routine. 

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