Sous vide is a popular cooking method that creates delicious, consistent results with very little effort. With this method, you vacuum seal food in a vacuum bag and you cook it while submerged in water which allows for more even cooking. In order to sous vide, you need to start by gathering all the essential tools. 

Immersion Circulator 

When you sous vide, you need to make sure the water is kept at a constant temperature. This is what allows for even cooking. To do this, you will need an immersion circulator. You will place this device into the water you are using to sous vide. The circulator will draw in water and then heat it to an exact temperature before releasing it back into the container. A good circulator will allow you to set it to an exact degree. Without an immersion circulator, the water temperature will not be even and you won’t be able to cook properly. 

Sous Vide Bags

Another critical tool for sous vide cooking is sous vide bags. In most cases, you will want to use vacuum seal bags. These allow you to thoroughly seal the food inside and then you can cook without worrying about water seeping into the bag and spoiling the process. There are specific bags for sous vide but you can also use regular vacuum seal bags. If you choose, you may also use Ziploc-style bags that have a strong seal on them. However, if you intend to sous vide long term then it’s worth it to invest in the right type of bags. 

Large Pot or Cambro Container 

Finally, you’ll need something to cook in. Often, people will use a very large pot that they can fill with water. You want to make sure it has plenty of room for the food to be fully submerged at all times. Some people will also use a Dutch oven to sous vide. However, if you want to do it like the professionals then you might want to get yourself a few Cambro containers. These containers are made of plastic and are used in professional kitchens everywhere. Using plastic means there won’t be as much heat absorbed so your devices won’t have to work as hard to keep the water at the right temperature. Cambro containers are also easy to stack/store and come in a variety of sizes. 

Sous vide cooking can give you plenty of new opportunities in the kitchen. Getting ready to sous vide means finding all of the right equipment. You can adjust what type of equipment you purchase based on your own preferences. 

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