FoodSaver products are very common and popular. They’re a big brand name. But like other brand names, they can also charge extra for the name recognition. If you vacuum seal your food, you might be paying too much on FoodSaver rolls or FoodSaver vacuum bags

If you have gotten used to storing food with a vacuum food sealer, you’re probably very enthusiastic about it. It has made meal prep a lot easier. You can store leftovers with speed and confidence you couldn’t have imagined before. You might even store fruits, vegetables, and bulk foods. 

All this activity can use up your bags or rolls pretty quickly. And buying FoodSaver replacements can get expensive. But what if you could get bags that work just as well or even better for lower prices? What if you don’t have to use FoodSaver rolls or bags at all?

Can You Save Money with Other Vacuum Bags and Rolls?

You can find great savings using vacuum rolls and bags from other brands. As in other areas of life, there isn’t just one company that can make a certain type of product. Other brands include Vac Fresh, ULTRA, Weston, and Seal-a-Meal. 

Some of these other companies offer the same amount of material at the same level of quality for a lower price! You can comparison shop online and see this for yourself. You never have to buy FoodSaver vacuum bags again, if you don’t want to. We have found that some of our customers even save up to 70% on ULTRA products compared to FoodSaver.

At Vacuum Sealers Unlimited, our customers ask all the time whether our featured ULTRA line of vacuum sealing rolls and bags is as good as FoodSaver. It definitely is. We’re proud to carry these products. We’ll even give you your money back if they are not compatible with your vacuum sealer. 

How Well Do Alternative Products Work?

Some vacuum sealer bags and rolls work better than FoodSaver products. The ULTRA brand of bags that we carry, for example, is made of a nylon/poly material that is actually thicker than what FoodSaver uses. That means it resists damage from abrasions and punctures even better—which protects your food longer. 

ULTRA brand products may work better during the vacuum sealing itself too. One side of each roll or bag has prominent vacuum grooves that help create a vacuum more quickly. The other side features a strong, clear material that lets you see your food more easily (or show it off to a customer or gift recipient).

So, other brands of rolls and bags work as well or better than FoodSaver rolls and bags, plus they cost less. Is there any reason to still buy FoodSaver products? You really don’t have to. 

That’s why we recommend you shop our vacuum sealer bags here, and keep on sealing all the food you want. You can also shop for our other products, see our mylar bags, or contact Vacuum Sealers Unlimited with any questions about vacuum sealers or accessories.