Hunting can be hard work. After all, a single successful hunt involves:

  1. Getting the right licenses
  2. Buying ammo for your gun and preparing your bow
  3. Finding the right hunting location and waiting for the right animal
  4. Bringing it down
  5. Preparing the meat
  6. And much more! 

It would be a big disappointment, then, to look in your freezer in a few months and find freezer-burned meat.

If you use a big game vacuum sealer on your meat, though, it can last three to five times longer than meat that’s stored in a regular freezer bag. That means that instead of being good for about six months, you could still enjoy meat three years later! 

Vacuum Sealing Game vs Regular Freezer Bags

Regular freezer bags can destroy the quality of your meat. They are not airtight and allow moisture to be drawn out of the meat, which covers the surface of the meat in ice. Plus, the oxygen that remains in the bag can potentially cause bacteria and mold to grow on the meat. After just a few months, the meat may be covered in freezer burn and dried out.

What does a hunting vacuum sealer do? You can use yours to quickly pull the air out of a bag of meat or fish—and keep it out. The cold, dry air of your freezer won’t be able to touch the meat, and the delicious juices will stay deep inside of it until you’re ready to cook it, along with the nutrients. Also, microbes won’t be able to grow on it.

Another major advantage of vacuum-sealed bags is that they’re compact. You can label them, then stack them like bricks. It’ll be a lot easier to find the meat you want later.

How to Store Game with a Vacuum Sealer

When you’re coming back from a hunt with a game animal like a deer, you can only transport it for a few hours before you have to skin it, butcher it, and transfer it to a cooler—usually several coolers. 

Then, hunters often pack their preferred cuts into either freezer bags (which can allow air in for freezer burn) or vacuum-sealed bags. If you’re hunting near your home, you can take your kill or your chilled cuts back to your big game vacuum sealer for the best type of meat storage. 

If you’re hunting far away from home, you might be lucky enough to have a cabin with an electrical outlet. There, you can plug your vacuum sealer in and store your meat the right way. 

But do you know what vacuum sealer to buy for hunting? At Vacuum Sealers Unlimited, we have vacuum sealers that weigh as little as 16 pounds. The VacMaster Pro 360, for example, would work perfectly for this job. It can even help you marinate your meat when you’re ready to cook it!

If you’re interested in storing your meat longer and keeping more of the nutrients, flavor, and natural moisture in it, you need a big game vacuum sealer. You can shop online for our vacuum sealers, bags, and accessories or our professional vacuum sealers

Best of luck to you while you’re out there. To the hunt!