We have seen that each family in the US spends about $5,000 per year on perishable food, and we’d estimate that about half of that is wasted when food goes bad. That’s why investing in a vacuum sealer helps you save some of that wasted food. A $500 machine would pay for itself in less than six months—and then pay for itself again!

If you already have a home vacuum sealer for your food, have you thought about getting a commercial vacuum sealer? Maybe you need to know what the differences are between the two types? And the advantages of a commercial vacuum packaging machine

What Is a Commercial Vacuum Packaging Machine?

You might have purchased a home version of a vacuum sealer because you saw that it cost less than the commercial model. Maybe you hadn’t owned one before and wanted to know what it was like. Or you didn’t think you would use it very often. 

But if you’d like to use one more often, think about getting a commercial vacuum sealer, which is: 

  • Tougher and longer-lasting than a typical home model
  • Designed to be used more often and can handle more jobs
  • Constructed to withstand more impacts and hard use, meaning it’s thicker and made of durable materials

Manufacturers know that certain home users are going to buy a commercial-grade product. So, they’re not made only for big jobs, but also for everyday use. Just like you might use a restaurant-quality blender at home, you can also enjoy the added power of a commercial vacuum sealer.

Home Uses for Commercial Vacuum Sealers

How can you use a commercial-level vacuum packaging machine at home? For starters, if you have or are planning on having food storage, this could be a great place to start! It doesn’t have to be just food storage, imagine if you could: 

  • Vacuum seal liquids such as soups
  • Preserve nuts, cereal, and flour, besides cheese, fish, meat, fruits, and vegetables
  • Keep your food in more durable bags than typical food storage bags
  • Consistently get a perfect seal around your food
  • Keep seasoned meats for far longer than before in the freezer while saving space for more items
  • Seal bag after bag without waiting for your sealer to cool down between uses (perfect for storing a lot of food at once or even creating products or gifts)
  • Be sure that your vacuum seal is strong enough to eliminate freezer burn
  • Spend less money on vacuum bags than on edge or handheld sealer bags

Besides the professional function of your machine, you can also get excellent customer service from your manufacturer. If you run into problems, they can replace parts and get your unit working again. You won’t have to just buy a new one like you would with a home model. You’ll get treated more like a valued business customer!

If you want a vacuum sealer that will last longer and handle much bigger jobs, you should shop for a commercial vacuum sealer. Vacuum Sealers Unlimited carries some of the best models available, perfect for professional food processors and home users. Check out our current models here, and contact us if you have any questions. Happy vacuum sealing!