Your vacuum sealer can have many uses when it comes to preparing food. One that is often overlooked is marinating. Using a vacuum sealer can give you better results and make the process more efficient.

Benefits of Marinated with a Vacuum Sealer 

Vacuum sealing is the very best way to marinate, because it opens the pores in the meat, so the marinade can penetrate quickly. When you marinate, you also want to make sure your food is thoroughly coated. Vacuum sealing is the best way to do this because it seals in all the flavors. Instead of trying to get an evan soak in a plastic container or bag, vacuum sealing will remove the excess air so your meat or vegetables are completely surrounded by your marinade. Additionally, when storing your marinating food in the fridge, you don’t need to worry about anything leaking due to the tight seal. 

Picking Your Marinade 

Your first step is choosing the right marinade for your meat or vegetables. You have a couple of options here. If you choose, you can create your own marinade. There are many simple and easy options that can be made with basic ingredients such as vinegar, olive oil, and spices. Of course, you can also purchase a sauce or marinade from the store. Once you have your marinade selected, you just need to prepare the vacuum sealer bag. Make sure your food is cut into bite size pieces. This will ensure your food gets an even coating while marinating. 

Sealing the Bag

The last step is undoubtedly the most difficult: sealing the bag. The tricky thing here is you are sealing a liquid. Obviously, vacuum sealing a liquid presents more of a challenge because the liquid is more likely to spill and it cannot be laid flat. You can try several different options such as a vacuum chamber that will hold the bag for you or you can have someone else help you hold the bag steady while sealing. It’s essential that you leave at least an inch between the top of the bag and the marinade when sealing. You need to be careful at this step so you can get a tight seal that will allow your food to marinate properly. 

Preparing your food with a marinade is a wonderful way to infuse some flavor. Using a vacuum sealer isn’t the most traditional method, but it can give you exquisite results. Next time you need to marinate, try this method. 

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