If you’re looking for a new way to store and eat your food, then you might consider buying a food dehydrator. There are several different types of food dehydrators, so you should take some time exploring what they are and how they’re used. This can help you determine what kind will be right for you. 

What is a Food Dehydrator?

A food dehydrator is a device that removes a majority of the moisture content in your food. It makes the food lighter and easier to store long-term. Food dehydrators use heat and fans to circulate hot air around the food in order to dry it out. There are several different types of dehydrators that you can choose from. Some dehydrators will have stacking shelves with a fan at the bottom to circulate the air. Others have removable shelves and a back-mounted fan that dries out the food. All types have their benefits, so the kind you get depends on your preferences. 

How to Use One

To use a dehydrator, you first need to prepare your food. Begin by cutting the food into even pieces. If food is thinner and smaller, it will dehydrate faster. Once the food is cut, place it evenly onto the trays or shelves. Make sure there is space between each piece. You should dehydrate the food until it appears dry but it should still be flexible. Before storing, the food needs to be fully dehydrated before you store them or else they could spoil. To test if food is fully dehydrated, you can place it in a plastic bag. If condensation forms on the inside of the bag, there is still moisture in the food and it will need to be dehydrated again. As you use your food dehydrator, you will become more accustomed to recognizing when your food is fully dehydrated. 

Benefits of a Dehydrator 

Using a food dehydrator is great for individuals who want to eat whole foods, but want new options for eating it or a more effective way for storing it. A food dehydrator can allow you to store fresh foods you purchase or even grow in your own garden. Without all the moisture, bacteria can’t affect your food as greatly, so it lasts much longer. Removing the moisture content also makes food much lighter. Dehydrated foods are ideal for hiking or backpacking because they won’t add much extra weight to your bag. With your own dehydrator, you can easily dry out your foods and have full control over how long your fresh food lasts. 

Food dehydrators are a worthwhile investment. They allow you to eat food in a new way and you don’t need to worry about your fresh food being wasted. 

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