Using a food dehydrator makes it easier for you to store your fresh food longer. If you are just getting started with a food dehydrator, you should take some time to learn about the best foods you can dehydrate and the best ways to do it. 


Any kind of raw meat can be dehydrated for a variety of reasons. One of the most popular options is making your own jerky. To make jerky, you first need to remove any bones, skin, fat, and other membranes. You want pure meat. Next, you’ll cut the meat into thin strips, mariante it, and pre-cook it. This last step is important because it will kill any bacteria before you dehydrate. Spread the meat onto the tray and dehydrate until it is hard and visibly dry. This will usually take several hours. In addition to jerky, you can also dehydrate ground meat. Doing so can allow you to store it longer until it’s needed. 


Do you want to make your own veggie chips? A food dehydrator is the best way to do that. In your food dehydrator, you can dry out a variety of vegetables for both snacking and cooking. You can make your own veggie chips to pair with lunches or you can dehydrate vegetables to make things easier in the kitchen. Dehydrated vegetables can easily be added to soups, stir-frys, casseroles, pizza, and more. To prepare your vegetables, clean and peel them and then cut them into smaller pieces. For many vegetables, it’s helpful to blanch them first. Place them in the dehydrator until they are fully dry and then store them. 


Dehydrated fruit makes a great snack or you can even add it to cereals or granola. Often, dehydrated fruit tastes sweeter because it is more concentrated. This makes it a great treat for kids. With fruit, you follow a similar process to drying out vegetables. You will start by cleaning, peeling, pitting, and cutting away any inedible parts of the fruit. Next, cut the fruit into even pieces. For certain fruits, like apples and bananas, you can also soak the fruit in citrus juice for ten minutes. This helps to keep it from browning. After prepping, place your fruit on the tray and dry away. 

Dehydrated food lasts longer, makes a great snack, and adds convenience to your cooking. Explore all the options you have and see what foods work best in a dehydrator. You can get creative and use a dehydrator to suit your needs and preferences.

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