High Quality Chamber Vacuum Sealer Bags

Vacuum Sealers Unlimited carries only the highest quality bags. We carry bags in 3, 4, and 5 MIL thicknesses.

3 MIL bags are designed for general vacuum sealing and they are the most frequently purchased MIL.  They are great at protecting your food from freezer burn. 4 MIL bags are designed for use with sharp or bony foods or food that will be hard frozen and then transported or shipped.  Our 5 MIL bags are extremely tough and are intended for use with the sharpest of items, like shrimp that is hard frozen.

We also carry a variety of specialty vacuum bags, like zipper bags in both 3 MIL and 4 Mil thicknesses, shrink bags, retort pouches, clear front and either black or gold back in both 3 MIL and 4 MIL, etc.

Our bags are the Gold Standard in the commercial vacuum sealing industry. Don’t settle for less!

Our bags can be boiled, microwaved, and frozen.

Discount Pricing – Best Customer Service – Huge Selection

Vacuum Sealers Unlimited only stocks the highest quality chamber vacuum sealing bags on the market and, of course, all of our bags are BPA free.