Shrink Wrap Bags

We offer a wide variety of shrink bags that offer a crystal clear, close-fitting, wrinkle-free appearance.

They are a favorite of poultry and cheese producers who want a form-fitted appearance to showcase their products. To use, simply vacuum and seal, then quickly dip the bag in hot water, or use a heat gun or heat tunnel, and the excess plastic will quickly shrink to conform to the shape of your item.

Please note that these bags will NOT work with FoodSaver, Cabela's, Seal-a-Meal, or any other suction vacuum sealer. They will only work with chamber vacuum sealers.

If you have any questions, please call us at 661-332-5631.

We carry a full line of bags, rolls, and accessories to work with your FoodSaver machines. Please click here to see these products.